"The Future Of Delicious, Sustainable Meat Just Arrived...and It's Made From Plants"

Strictly for people who love their food with flavour.
Soul food

Mighty Meat comes from the heart. It’s made with care and craft, packed full of nutrients and filled with flavour. It’s for the foodies out there. The impact eaters and big game players. 

Three drool provoking flavours
Succulent gyros flavoured strips that glide into any pitta. You're about to go loco for mediterranean food flavours.
Scrumptiously versatile pan kissed chunks that sit comfy on any noodle dish. Get ready to turn your little snack into a mighty meal.
Spicy, mouth-wateringly juicy fillets, perfect for any kind of wrap. Some north Indian fuego right in your roll.
Our Promise

“Mighty Meat was founded on the principle of super tasty food delivered to you in a compassionate way. We want our customers to be able to munch away, sauce dripping down their cheeks, safe in the knowledge that the bite they just took will have a positive effect on their health, the environment and animal welfare”

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